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top 5 spanish phrases used in the exam room

1. When was your last eye exam?

Cuando fue su ultimo examen de los ojos?

Kwandoh foo-eh soo ool-tee-mo eiah-men deh lohs oh-hos?

2. How can I help you today?

Como puedo le ayudar hoy?

Koh-mo poo-eh-doh leh ai-yoo-dar oy?

3. Do you use glasses or contacts?

Usa gafas/espejuelos o lentes de contacto?

Oosah gah-ptas/ehs-peh-hoo-eh-los oh lentehs deh cohn-tak-toh?

4. Have you noticed any changes in your vision?

Ha notado cambios en la vista?

Ah noh-tah-doh kahm-bee-ohs ehn lah veestah?

5. Which eye? Both?

En cual ojo? Los dos?

Ehn kwahl oh-ho? lohs dohs?

Hopefully these phrases come in handy and don't be afraid to use them in the exam room. Your spanish-speaking patients will certainly appreciate it.

Anne Lee OD


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