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Spanish Corner

1. Do you get headaches?

Le da dolores de cabeza?

Leh dah doh-loh-rehs deh kah-beh-sah?

2. Show me in what part of your head.

Muestreme en que parte de la cabeza.

Moo-estreh-meh ehn keh parteh deh lah kah-beh-sah.

3. Do you get pain in your eyes?

Tiene dolor en los ojos?

Tee-eh-neh dohlor ehn lohs oh-hos?

4. Since when did it begin?

Hace cuanto tiempo que empezó?

Ah-seh kwantoh tee-empoh geh em-peh-soh?

5. Has it become worse?

Se ha puesto peor?

Seh ah poo-ehs-toh peh-ohr?

Hopefully these phrases come in handy and don't be afraid to use them in the exam room. Your spanish-speaking patients will certainly appreciate it.

Anne Lee OD


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